May 30, 2022

Episode 11 Holly Gleason Part 2

Episode 11 Holly Gleason Part 2
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Holly Gleason returns on this episode of Music Trails and continues to share her remarkable journey in the music business. Holly gives us a glimpse into her work in artist development as well as how she got involved as a song writer under the alias of Lady Goodman. Holly takes us through her song writing and recording experience. ---  Send your questions, suggestions, feedback to Thanks

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Holly Gleason


Holly Gleason is a Nashville-based writer and artist development consultant. She's written for Rolling Stone, The LA Times, NY Times, Oxford American, No Depression, PASTE, Lone Star Music, Texas Music, Spin, Musician, CREEM, Interview, PLAYBOY, The Palm Beach Daily News The Vineyard Gazette, Tower Pulse, Request, Rockbill, Bam, Rock & Soul and Mix. She loves songwriters, roots music, country, r&b and very early rap, as well as life moments, fame and its impact on who we are.