March 10, 2023

Episode 24 Sasha Dubyk Interview

Episode 24 Sasha Dubyk Interview

On this episode of Music Trails we meet Sasha Dubyk. Sasha shares her journey from growing up in Philadelphia in a music family, learning piano from her pianist and music teacher dad touring and performing internationally with her Dad’s Klezmer band, majoring in Dance/Theater, and performing in numerous music theatre productions. She finds her way to Berklee College of Music in Boston where she earns a degree in music therapy and meets her Damn Tall Buildings  band mates. Sasha talks about learning to do things she may have previously not even thought about such as learning to play the upright bass, and songwriting. Sasha talks about her teaching at the Crown Heights Music school in Brooklyn that she and fellow  band mate and very soon husband to be Max Capistran (Season 1 Episode 9) operate together as well as an update on all things  Damn Tall Buildings related. I hope you enjoy --- Send in a voice message:

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Sasha Dubyk

Classically voice trained, with a background in jazz and musical theater, Sasha has performed nationally with her bluegrass band, Damn Tall Buildings and internationally as lead vocalist with her European folk band, The Klezmeranians.

After moving to New York in 2017, Sasha fulfilled a life goal of teaching music in Harlem NY, while also teaching private piano and voice. Though performing is an essential aspect of Sasha’s everyday life, working with children and integrating into her community is a constant. Sasha has worked as a music therapist at a medical clinic in Gondar Ethiopia, preschool teacher in Philadelphia, private music instructor, and most recently as an elementary school music teacher at East Harlem Scholars Academy in Harlem, NY.