April 10, 2023

Episode 28 Jessie Haines Interview

Episode 28 Jessie Haines Interview
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Meet the talented, emerging new country cross- over artist Jessie Haines. Jessie shares her unconventional journey from growing up in New Jersey, having the 9-5 job, spouse, and a home in the suburbs to selling everything, traveling and living alone in a vintage airstream and landing in a new home in Nashville. Jessie talks about her soon to be released debut album The Phoenix which is a deeply personal chronicle of her experience. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/mark-a-lafond/message

Jessie HainesProfile Photo

Jessie Haines

Pop -Country Singer & Songwriter

Jessie Haines’ “The Ride” Out Now
Single is latest from forthcoming album, “The Phoenix”

“The Ride” from country-pop singer/songwriter Jessie Haines further solidifies the New Jersey-born artist’s empowering year. Featuring her now-signature soaring harmonies, beaded with just an air of grit, Haines sings of breaking out and facing the ride on her own. Not just another breakup song, “The Ride” braids together the weeping-willow-swell of the pedal guitar with a sun kissed melodic guitar. From a modest acoustic string to a wildly summer splash of guitar, “The Ride” is fit to start anew.

As of late, Haines’ home has been a vintage airstream trailer. That’s all about to change. The Garden State native recently laid roots in Nashville.

“’The Ride’ embodies the feeling of breaking free, wind in your hair as you drive into the sunrise, toward your new life,” Haines said. “As I embark on my new move to Nashville, I am living out ‘The Ride’, .a song I wrote only a few weeks after I left my marriage. It’s about finding the courage to pursue my dream and taking the steps to do it. It’s a feeling that a higher power is gently guiding you and you are following the whispers. It’s about breaking free and relinquishing the control over your life, to just take the ride that was planned for you.”

“The Ride” follows Haines’ previous release, “I Love You”, and is from the forthcoming album, “The Phoenix” (produced by Chris Badami (mix for Madonna’s “Ray of Light (Remix – Single)”, Drive Thru Records, The Early November, Tokyo Rose and more)). Haines identifies as part of the queer community.