April 6, 2022

Episode 4 Avery Ballotta

Episode 4 Avery Ballotta
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In this episode we meet Avery Ballotta a composer for film, dance, a music teacher, and one hot fiddle player. Avery’s trail starts in Montana’s Big Sky Country where at the age of 9 while attending a used music instrument swap he finds himself drawn to a half -sized fiddle and something inside him makes him put his hands on it. Classically trained he found solace in playing in school orchestra and quintet.  Avery describes his relationship with the fiddle as a roller coaster of such much like any other type of relationship but admits he and the fiddle have ended up in a really good place. Avery shares his experience in Boston where he studies at Berklee College under the tutelage of Bruce Molsky and hones his love for American fiddle tunes. Avery currently calls Brooklyn home where he pursues individual projects, and is in the bands Alice Valentine, and Damn Tall Buildings.

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Avery Ballotta


Avery Ballotta is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, & composer born and raised in Bozeman MT currently based in Brooklyn NY. a long-time student & teacher of the fiddle, Avery has crafted a real talent for becoming one with an instrument. Balotta’s music is drawn from ancient tones, reaching right into the soul via vibrational communication & healing.