April 25, 2022

Episode 7 Tracy Walton of On Deck Studio

Episode 7 Tracy Walton of On Deck Studio
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Meet Tracy Walton, a man of many talents including author, teacher, multi instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, performing/ recording artist, and recording studio owner/operator of On Deck Recording Studio. Tracy shares his recording process and approach as well as an update on recent recording projects. We talk about his perspective on the recent Beatle’s Get Back documentary as well as his experience with the popular Belle of the Fall folk duo and his most recent solo album Small Town America. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mark-a-lafond/message
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Tracy Walton

Tracy Walton wears many musical hats: Singer songwriter, bassist, producer, author, studio owner.
He has toured the country with various groups including most recently the duo Belle of the Fall, played bass with David Bromberg, and Vernon Reid among others, produces albums for artists at his studio, On Deck Sound Studio, in Northfield CT, and has written books for Alfred books.
Tracy's fourth solo album, Small Town America, has just been released in the summer of 2021.