May 9, 2022

Episode 9 Damn Tall Buildings -Max Capistran

Episode 9 Damn Tall Buildings -Max Capistran

Meet Brooklyn, NY based Damn Tall Buildings. Band member Max Capistran shares the band's journey that includes meeting up in Boston at the Berklee school of music, busking on Newbury street, moving to Brooklyn opening a music academy ttimeo becoming a popular sought after act at many well known music festivals. Max and fellow band members Sasha Dubyk and Avery Ballotta (who we met S.1 Ep. 4) take traditional bluegrass music and mix in elements of blues, classical, old- time, and jazz to form their unique sound.

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Damn Tall Buildings

“If you like your bluegrass served with a little punch, attitude, grit and gravy, with that busking spirit that was so present and palpable in the early incarnations of Old Crow Medicine Show and made your realize that string band music could be so much more than fuddy-duddy reenactments by crusty ol’ relics, then the Damn Tall Buildings will slide in nice as a welcome edition to your listening rotation. Bluegrass at heart, but pulling from a wide range of influences including swing, ragtime, jazz, and even a hint of contemporary perspective in the songwriting, they offer virtually unmatched energy and enthusiasm, underpinned by intelligent songs that don’t skimp on the infectiousness...”