March 3, 2023

Episode 23 Christine Havrilla Interview

Episode 23 Christine Havrilla Interview

On this episode of Music Trails you'll be introduced  to Christine Havrilla. Christine originally from Philadelphia, is a musician, performer, singer songwriter who’s musical career has spanned the last 20 years, including 13 albums, 3 EPs and playing a variety of venues, stages large, small, music festivals, to living rooms.  When seeing Christine live it might be as a solo act, a duo with long time collaborator Coleen Clark, or with her full band Christine Havrilla and the Gypsy Fuzz. Which ever version or venue your guaranteed to get her best each and every night. Christine will talk about her new EP and single California Nights, her current, and future projects, as well as her personal journey that has shaped her artistry.

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Christine Havrilla


Christine Havrilla and Gypsy Fuzz
Philadelphia area native Christine Havrilla starts off 2023 with the release of a new single and EP called, “California Night”, which is a blend of 90s guitar and late 60s harmonies wrapped up in this catchy rocker about sharing the California Coast & it’s memories. Christine utilizes the soft gritty texture of her vocals to express warmth and honesty listeners quickly embrace as well as her aggressive, raw, trash-style guitar playing and looping. 2019 brought a previous album with her band, Gypsy Fuzz, called “Sunless Escapade” which was recorded at Studio 1311. Even with Covid & a 2020 cancer diagnosis, you’ll still find Christine hitting the road hard & continuing with her writing, touring, jammin’ & living! You need to experience her LIVE and be wrapped up by her positive energy! Until you can join her, she previously released a series of "Live Sessions" in 2014-2017, which included long-time fan favorites as well as new songs with her current band, Gypsy Fuzz. Recorded in numerous settings such as venues, living rooms, a recording studio with an live audience, an old church, etc…these volumes captured the spontaneous energy, soul-felt vibes and musical adventures that Christine brings to the stage, ANY stage! Havrilla, who has 13 albums, 3 EPs, and over 20 years of touring under her belt, continues to venture out under “Christine Havrilla & Gypsy Fuzz” as well as a solo artist, showcasing ALL of her music with new twists, and described as "a blend of 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s rock delivered by the modern singer/songwriter."

Christine, a self-taught musician, is known for bringing her “well-built, catchy, smart tunes” (Upstage Magazine) to audiences everywhere, touring nationally as a solo act as well as with Gypsy Fuzz. After an inspirational time of being based in Portland, OR, Christine is once again back in the Northeast and frequenting such venues as World Café Live, Steel City, Godfrey Daniels, Jammin’ Java, Burlap and Bean, John and Peter’s, Rockwood Music Hall, Ramshead on Stage, The Tin Pan, to name a few.

"They just rolled out a new track called “Desire,” and in a new music video released last week, you can watch them record it isolated but together, each contributing parts from their home studios. The song is a jagged rocker reminiscent of Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt!" – John Vettese, The Key WXPN (Aug 31, 2020)

The Journal of Roots Music listed Christine in the article named “Through the Lens: Women Leading the Way in Roots Music”(November 2021)

“As soon as they started playing, we knew this was a group with incredible talent, a group that would “wow” anyone who was lucky enough to hear them perform!” - Lisa Bryant, Delmarva Life WBOC

"Christine is an amazing songwriter, guitarist, & performer!"- Chely Wright, Jammin Java Live Show (Oct 13, 2019)

Ed Kiggins of inD Round raves, “Christine is one of the hardest working women in music. With her child prodigy-come-of-age guitar virtuosity, a supremely passionate and emotive voice, and an arsenal of wonder-songs that have endeared her to a loving and devoted audience, she is in a class all of her own…we simply call her brilliant!”

Christine was featured virtually on WDIY’s Parlor Sessions, Sellersville Theatre’s Soundbooth Sessions, Wawa’s Welcome America 4th of July Event, and World Café Live’s House Concerts (2020-2021)

“Christine Havrilla is a tough-as-nails front woman with a serious habit of rocking a plethora of stages! –Andre Lamar/Dover post (2019)

“If you’ve never witnesses the power of Christine, particularly when supported by her band, Gypsy Fuzz, then get your tickets and prepare yourself. This show is going to ROCK!””- Ed Simpson, Steel City (Aug 10, 2019)

What’s Up Magazine exclaims, “Christine breaks out the gasoline and sets fire to the typical Roots/Folk genre with blazing guitars.” Ed Kiggins of inD Round raves, “Christine is one of the hardest working women in music. With her child prodigy-come-of-age guitar virtuosity, a supremely passionate and emotive voice, and an arsenal of wonder songs that have endeared her to a loving and devoted audience, she is in a class all of her own. She calls her unique style Neofunkadelicfolkpoptwangrock, but we simply call her brilliant!”

Michael McKenna at Steel Notes Magazine shares, “This ambitious Philly native manifests her talent in certain ways that allows her to create eclectic music which will grab your heart and leave a lasting memory. Her Roots/Folk/Americana background coupled with that unique individuality that she possesses allows her to be a presence that steps into many genres and gives her the tools to crossover to different music formats. This album (Vol. 2 The Sunset Sessions) just defies description. It’s hot, tight, precise, and just plain kick-ass. If I was still programming radio, I’d be all over this! My recommendation is to go hear the band live, buy the CD, and experience what I have just heard. I give this TWO THUMBS UP!”

Mark Rogers at 93.7 WSTW raves, “With Gypsy Fuzz, Christine takes especially that rock element and turns it to 11. Gypsy Fuzz fuses fantastic guitar work with Christine’s vocals, which can reach down inside and grab your heart. A very diverse album, showing elements of rock, blues and even country, among others, Gypsy Fuzz continues Christine’s string of fantastic albums. Buy it.”

"The loops, the beats, the chops...the total excitement-a sensational experience!" - Jeffrey Gaines, musician

"What a great voice..." - America (the band)

“It’s kind of like punk-folk!” - Brandi Carlile (Raise the Roof Benefit show)

"Christine has a great knack for infectious melodies with really fun hooks. Compounded with an incredible live performance, you CAN NOT go wrong!" -Helen Leicht, WXPN

Nor’easter Magazine raves, “Christine is a creative, talented powerhouse wrapped up in one complete package.”

Inessa at 101.9 KINK FM Radio calls Gypsy Fuzz, “Yet another fun late-year discover!”

Michaela Majoun, former DJ from 88.5 WXPN, applauds her "terrific, big sound”.

Ramona LaBarre, Managing Director at Godfrey Daniels (2013), says, "I see so many artists...I'm always pleased and amazed at what Christine is doing, and have enjoyed watching her art develop over the years I have known her. We especially appreciate it when an artist recognizes the energy in the room, and harnesses it to take their audience on a wild ride."

The Washington Post writes, “(Havrilla’s) songs are intelligent and moving, the arrangements are incisive and colorful, and, best of all, Havrilla consistently comes across as a confident and seasoned performer.”

Along with her earlier albums, Christine has a collection of songs that clearly define her as a singer/songwriter at the peak of her form. Listeners hear raw authenticity as Christine’s gritty vocals and overall musicality breathe life into her engaging songs. Christine’s strength on guitar is ever-present. You need to catch her LIVE and be surrounded by her energy. In the meantime, you can check out the series of Live Sessions including The Creamery Sessions, The Sunset Sessions, The Old Church Sessions, & The Lansdowne Folk Club Sessions, capture the raw live energy of Christine’s work on guitar and the solid songwriting!

As noted by the Princeton Packet, "Angst takes a left turn to upbeat and fun." J.F. Pirro writes, “On In My Chair, Havrilla’s music and message remain as high-energy and introspective as ever…and always from the heart, dispensing medicinal lyrics for the soul.” (Main Line Today Magazine)

"I'm completely blown away and hooked. Havrilla’s talent is not only music but to take you away from the hum drum of life and go on a journey where she is the driver and we are her passengers," writes Madalyn Sklar (Founder/Publisher, - Houston, TX).

"Christine breaks out the gasoline and sets fire to the typical Roots/Folk genre, with blazing acoustic guitars, blatantly honest lyrics..." - Rik Ferrell, What's Up Magazine

Chris March of the Phoenixville Mercury writes, "(Havrilla's) tunes offer some of the most focused and empowered songwriting from any artist to stem from the local area yet and results in an eclectic set that can range from adrenalized to emotionally stirring."

Nate Bauer from Blue Weekly says, "Christine offers the kind of pop-guitar songwriting that definitely should not be overlooked...Havrilla has shifted from the typical Lilith Fair pigeonhole into her own enjoyable sound."

Her material has garnered a variety of accomplishments such as:

“Homey Award” 2020 For “Hail” (Delaware Public Media/DJ Mark Rogers host)

WHYY Picked up the video “Desire/Quarantine 2020” for their House Concert Series

88.5 WXPN’s The Key featured “Desire/Quarantine 2020” (Aug 31, 2020)

Showcasing at SUNDANCE 2020 Film Festival at The Acura Lounge in Park City, UT

Quoted in the book by Sean Kay, “Rockin in the Free World” (Rowman & Littlefield 2016)

One of 23 Power Women chosen for Main Line Today Magazine (Oct 2015)

Featured Artist for American Musical Supply’s Singer/Songwriter Month (Feb 2015 and Feb 2017)

Featured “Artist of the Month” at (Jan 2015)

On Takamine Guitar’s Worldwide Artist List

Top Ten Artist multiple times on Reverbnation (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)

Nominated for Homey Awards for 93.7 WSTW (2014, 2015)

“Silent Night” featured on WSTW’s Holiday benefit Album (2014)

Top 10 Artist list on Reverbnation (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)

Christine nominated for’s Reader’s Choice Awards (2012)